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We all know the reality- we are all impatient and we want things when we want it. Most of the humankind is working on the concept of instant gratification. The act of wanting something itself carries a risk of lack of energy as the feeling of wanting something itself translates it to the feeling that we don’t have it. If you say you want a better relationship, better finances or good health, it means you currently feel the lack of that area in your life.

So what’s the answer?

Abraham Hicks made it very transparent that as soon as you desire something intentionally or unintentionally, it will first manifest itself into a form of vibration. Then how do you change vibration to a physical manifestation? Let’s dive into the three major steps of manifesting your desire instantly.

First things first- Everything is Vibration

To really understand what instant manifestation is, you have to aware that everything is energy in some form or the other including thoughts and feelings. Consider it like this – just as you have a certain kind of vibration, similarly the (living or non-living) things that you want also have a unique vibration. Our goal is to be an exact vibrational match to our dreams which will attract them like a magnet. In turn, you can only attract things that match your vibration so it’s best to vibrate when it’s purposeful – which simply means feel how you would feel if your desires would be manifested. Whatever makes you feel good, do more of that – that’s how you raise your vibration.

Instant Manifestation

Happiness level of your moment-to-moment emotions decides the speed of manifestation, so the happier you are, the faster you manifest the desires. Instant manifestation happens when your emotional state has reached a high and consistent level, it leaves the door open to vibrational safe. At this level, everything that you have desired enters your life instantly at a perfect time.

Mastering Instant Manifestation

Once you have done vibration matching and learned to be happy, then all that is left in the entire process is to receive them. The receptive mode is the last step in the process. The receptive mode is more to feel than to be explained. Practicing instant manifestation itself is nothing but yet another manifestation process. It’s that feeling which you get after a good run. Being in the receptive mode is like allowing and absorbing everything that the Universe has to offer. Come out of the mentality of “make it happen” rather allow it to happen.

There you go… These are the three broad steps of manifesting your desires. You may feel that it’s like magic, but it’s not. It’s an exact science that many have executed and attained riches and abundance in all forms.

Last but not the least, the most important aspect of making your desires come true is praying to the divine power. It is the prayer for abundance and prosperity that will make everything come to pass in your life. For more information on this front, please refer to –